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Proxy pass sub directory to different domain


I built an api for an invoice app thats not live yet. The app was to sit on and the api on And API calls were to be made with Javascript. Javascript has the The policy permits scripts running on pages originating from the same site – a combination of scheme, hostname, and port number[1] – to access each other’s DOM with no specific restrictions, but prevents...

Remove Funny Characters MYSQL PHP. Spanish,Portuguese


This was copied from a Stackoverflow answer Things to consider in PHP/MySQL/UTF-8 The database tables and text columns should be set to UTF-8 HTML page Content-Type should be set to UTF-8 PHP should send a header informing the browser to expect UTF-8 header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8' ); The PHP-MySQL connection should be set to UTF-8 mysqli_query("SET...

Finding and Removing Duplicates in mysql Database II


A while back i wrote a tutorial on how to remove duplicate rows in a mysql database. That solution worked fine BUT it was ametuarish 🙂 Here’s a better one without a temporary table using the power of self joins. This will delete all the rows from users and leave the one with the lowest id (The first one). To check if there are still duplicates use this query: Should return no rows. FYI...

Get list of changed files via svn diff log and zip them


We had a site that we hosted with a third party and they never gave us ssh access to the box. So Deploying was a bit of a bi*(h. So i wrote this little one liner to get the files and zip em. We’d then email the zip file and have files deployed. Obviously we would have to cd in to the project directory first. After that run this command: Don’t forget to replace REV with your starting...

Moving On


I recent resigned from, by recently i mean a month ago 🙂 I’ve since started a new adventure as a Seniour Developer at Liquorice in Cape Town. Joburg to Cape Town, yeah big move. But it was time for a change. Change is good. I had a great time at Got to do a lot of crazy stuff on the website. I still say to this point that that’s the nest job i’ve had in my...

Developing ( Mobile)


Introduction About a month or two ago I took on the task of developing the mobile( For those of you that don’t know. I work for A Job Portal like no other. We do a lot of cool stuff. A topic for a whole ‘nother post. With the barrage of mobile web frameworks out there it was easy to make a decision on which one to use. Non of them. I’m a fan...


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