I am an alien from the planet Zoixes, I took my human form in 23 march 198X 😉 and leaved as human for some years until an encounter with Java triggered memories from my past where I( was a god Developer of sort. Since then i have been leaving amongst humans in true Webo-Developoid form. It’s been about 6 years now. A Good six years.

I am currently obsessed with how Object-Orientated development can be used to improve web applications and Robotics.

Since then my Arsenal of Dev-foo has grown to include:

LanguagesFrameworksCMS DevelopmentEcommerce
XHTML/CSStd>Zend FrameworkWordPressMagento

I have currently set up temporary base camp a Jobs.co.za until my space ship arrives. I like it here. The humans here are nice. They have good teeth.

This blog is a documentation of my journey back to my home planet. This blog will one day be known as “The Gospel of Tali” when i am long gone.

Work Experience
Web Developer/Graphic Designer at Sesmic Technologies
Junior Web Developer at Catgraphics
Web Developer Free Minded Media/Cosmiclink
Web Developer Jobs.co.za – South Africa’s Job Portal

Take me to your leader. 😉

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