Talifhani Luvhengo

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Remove Funny Characters MYSQL PHP. Spanish,Portuguese

This was copied from a Stackoverflow answer Things to consider in PHP/MySQL/UTF-8 The database tables and text columns should be set to UTF-8 HTML page Content-Type should be set to UTF-8 PHP should send a header informing the browser to expect UTF-8 header(‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8’ ); The PHP-MySQL connection should be set to UTF-8 mysqli_query(“SET…

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Moving On

I recent resigned from Jobs.co.za, by recently i mean a month ago 🙂 I’ve since started a new adventure as a Seniour Developer at Liquorice in Cape Town. Joburg to Cape Town, yeah big move. But it was time for a change. Change is good. I had a great time at Jobs.co.za. Got to do…

Wow, good golly me. My uncle’s dead?

Wow, good golly me. My uncle’s dead? And my poor cousins. Oh my dear Aunt. How can I carry on. I love these scams. They are getting really creative with them too. And the fact that they keep sending them means people do fall for it.  Thought it’d make for some good laughs. ———————————————————– Barrister…

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