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Mobeelee! Progress


So I’ve been slaving away for for a few weeks now. 3 weeks really, most of which was spent playing Multitask online(You’ll love it.) 😉 I’ve made a lot of progress on the mobile CMS that i was mentioned a little while back code name Mobeelee!. It’s been a bit hard to make time after hours and still balance my full-time job work load. Bleh. If i keep at this pace i think...

Beware the php isset() monster!!!


The isset method is used to check if a variable is set, i.e exists and is not set to NULL. But more often than not you find developer making the mistake of using incorrectly, most common mistake is using it to check for empty strings. This will print out “Variable is set”. Obvious to some but not so obvious to others. Like me. 😀 I find that using empty() results in much more...

Mobile CMS Development


Hey guys im starting develoment on a new Open Source Mobile CMS. After doing a lot of googling i don’t thing there is a comprehensive open source Mobile CMS out there. So i decided i’ll just do it myself. I probably need help, since it might be tricky with the whole full time job thing. I dont know what to call it yet, i was thinking “Mobilee”.

Reseting the mysql pointer


Sometimes you need access the mysql result set after you have already accessed it using or or whatever. The chances are if you try a mysql_fetch_anything()*[not a really method guys] the function will return a false cause it has reached the end of the result set. So how do you fix that? Easy. php has a function called , where $result is your result set, eg and $row_number is the row you would...

Exporting WinSCP saved session


It baffles me why WinSCP doesn’t have an “export saved sessions” button. Cause every time you reinstall your OS you have to through all the trouble of adding all the sites you ftp to. Well i found that the sessions are store in the registry here: So just run[Start > Run] this command to export all your sessions. This will save a registry file on your c: drive called winscp...


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