//_Semicolon; Studio provides fully scalable website/web applications using open source technologies. From static small scale applications/websites to full fledged Content Management Systems (CMS) websites. We extremely goal driven. We create websites that work for you around the clock. Our exceptional Search Engine Optimisation Service will make sure you can always be found on the internet.

Website Information Architecture

Content Strategy are put in place to ensure the best possible presentation of information to the user. Today’s world is extremely competitive. So it is important to ensure you stay ahead of the pack. Because search engines and ultimately your new clients need quality content. It’s all about Return On Investment.


Website Conceptual Design

Design styles and trends a constantly changing. What appealed to users a year ago might be considered grotesque today. The world around us keeps changing. Media constantly telling people whats hip and whats not. A site design that is current and relevant is essential.

Website Layout Design & Optimization

The layout of your site will ultimately affect your conversion rate(The number of ‘site visitors’ that become clients/customers). A design that leaves nothing to the imagination about what its meant for is central to this. Take google.com for example, Soon as you hit that home page, you will not mistake for a shoe shop or a new site. You just know you have to search. Unlike yahoo.com, for whom searching is not the main focus.

Database Development

A great amount of website on the internet today are Database driven. From sites as simple as catalogs to full scale e-commerce solutions, a stable, robust and fast database design is essential.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems make the process of running a high volume content websites a breeze. We customise content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress…etc to suite your companies particular needs. At times when a customisation will not do we build custom systems.

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