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Bad Bosses! We’ve all Had Some

I think in my time as Web Developer I’ve had my fair share of bad(for lack of a better word) Bosses/Employers. Had my fair share of Bad treatment from people that do not value you. I’ve had Good Jobs, I’ve Bad Jobs.

As a web developer your job hours get a little fuzzy because you are not sitting there lifting boxes with a 10 box quota per day. You have time lines, milestones and ultimately the big deadline on any given project. For each project the project manager will ask you to give a time estimate. Now that’s where the problem starts. Picture this scenario:

Project Manager: So how long do you think it will take you.
You: 5 days
PM: WHAT 5 days just to do that?
You: Go die in a fire. How would you know how long it’ll take me(What you wish you could say)
You: Well, i guess i could do it in 2.5 days(lord knows where you get the 0.5 from) => (What you really say)

And i think we all know how that story ends, you do the project in 2.5 days give or take 0.01 days ;). And a day later you become the ambassador for buggy applications around the world. You win the nobel bug price. And the project manager sits there and looks at you like they have no idea what went wrong.

My point Bad project managers and bad bosses(God forbid your project manager is your boss) have a tendency to second guess developer times. And this second guessing always leads to the developer feeling like he/she is not working fast enough, and every time estimate that the developer gives after that will be to please someone(bad bad bad).

I once worked in company where for about a month i was leaving work at at least 2 in the morning, had no car at the time so you can imagine the amount of money that went to cabs. Don’t get me wrong i am a hard worker. Stop it, i am. I was working on a project that I(me) had given bad times due to the pressure from “above”. A simple project that had i set down and been allowed to do spend a 2 days doing research i would have completed in 2 weeks. DO NOT LET PEOPLE SECOND GUESS YOUR TIME, you end up looking bad.
Always give yourself a 50% buffer i say. So if you know a task will take you 4 days to complete. Always quote 6 days. i.e 4/2 + 4 = 6

Very interesting Article: Evidence Based Schedule

Do NOT be taken for grunted. Do NOT let that Happen. I’m lucky to be working for a great boss, with a great Team. And i thank God for that. My past employers will have to excuse my Rant.

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