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Moving On

Moving On

I recent resigned from Jobs.co.za, by recently i mean a month ago 🙂
I’ve since started a new adventure as a Seniour Developer at Liquorice in Cape Town. Joburg to Cape Town, yeah big move. But it was time for a change. Change is good.
I had a great time at Jobs.co.za. Got to do a lot of crazy stuff on the website. I still say to this point that that’s the nest job i’ve had in my entire career.

At Jobs.co.za i learnt that i can always get better if i pushed my self.  Got to play with a lot of cool technology like sphinx. Got to deal with MySQL scaling issues, Optimisation issues. I became a better developer. Made lots of awesome friends. But the time comes to move on.

Anywho, two weeks at Liquorice and I think i’m gonna love it here. Not too sure about Cape Town, but the company, Definitely. The team is great, everyone seems to love their job, Gung-ho, suspiciosly so 🙂
This is the first time i’ve worked in such a streamlined production process. It takes some getting used. Updating tickets, Branch that repo, merge that repo, update Active Collab. Which by the way is a great Project management application. Worth the licence. I’ve learnt it can mean the difference between a project being on time or a month late.

Have a look at my first project here ->  realitycheck.co.za. Its both web and mobile. Depending on your device.

Will keep you posted on any new developments.

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