MySql tutorials, tips and tricks

Finding and Removing Duplicates in mysql Database II


A while back i wrote a tutorial on how to remove duplicate rows in a mysql database. That solution worked fine BUT it was ametuarishÂ đŸ™‚ Here’s a better one without a temporary table using the power of self joins. This will delete all the rows from users and leave the one with the lowest id (The first one). To check if there are still duplicates use this query: Should return no rows. FYI...

Hello World module in Drupal 6 Tutorial – Part 2


Hey all, welcome to part 2, a continuation of the Hello World module in Drupal 6 – Part 1 I know what you’re thinking: “A full 8 months later? wtf?”. If you werent thinking that then you are now. Or something along those lines. I apologise for the delay(if you can even call it that). Blah blah blah Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Shall we then get to the...

Installing Sphinx Full-Text Search on linux


Sphinx is a full-text search engine. It currently works with MySQL and PostgreSQL better known as Postgres. The two most popular options when its comes to open source databases if not databases in general. Both MySQL and PostgreSQL have full-text search capabilities. So why bother with sphinx? Control – With sphinx you get more control over filtering, for example you can set a certain...

How to become a Web Developer


People usually ask me questions like “How do i become a web developer?”, “What do i need to know…?”. So here i am writing an article about that, cause I’m such a nice guy(My Mom will vouch for me). This is just a short list of what i think a web developer should know. Just My thoughts. I probably missed something. So don’t bite my head off. This is...

Mobile CMS Development


Hey guys im starting develoment on a new Open Source Mobile CMS. After doing a lot of googling i don’t thing there is a comprehensive open source Mobile CMS out there. So i decided i’ll just do it myself. I probably need help, since it might be tricky with the whole full time job thing. I dont know what to call it yet, i was thinking “Mobilee”.

Reseting the mysql pointer


Sometimes you need access the mysql result set after you have already accessed it using or or whatever. The chances are if you try a mysql_fetch_anything()*[not a really method guys] the function will return a false cause it has reached the end of the result set. So how do you fix that? Easy. php has a function called , where $result is your result set, eg and $row_number is the row you would...


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