Mobile CMS Development


Hey guys im starting develoment on a new Open Source Mobile CMS. After doing a lot of googling i don’t thing there is a comprehensive open source Mobile CMS out there. So i decided i’ll just do it myself. I probably need help, since it might be tricky with the whole full time job thing. I dont know what to call it yet, i was thinking “Mobilee”.

Reseting the mysql pointer


Sometimes you need access the mysql result set after you have already accessed it using or or whatever. The chances are if you try a mysql_fetch_anything()*[not a really method guys] the function will return a false cause it has reached the end of the result set. So how do you fix that? Easy. php has a function called , where $result is your result set, eg and $row_number is the row you would...

Creating a simple login system in php using sessions


This is a short tutorial on how to create a simple(with simplicity comes a lot of security issues) Login system using php sessions and ajax. Note: I do not address any security issues in this tutorial. This system of doing this is in no way full proof when it comes to being secure. But it should get you to a good start. PHP freaks has awesome article on php security. So go ahead and read on.

Remove Mootools From Joomla 1.5 Website


Sometimes(most times) you don’t need mootools to load, cause well, you don’t need it. Mootools is a javascript library that loads by default on joomla websites but there are times when you don’t want it to load like for example i develop mobile sites, so i dont need mootools to load because it makes loading the sites on a mobile device extremely slow. I think its about 90kb. ...


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