How to reset joomla admin passsword


Sometimes you can be so clumsy forgetting password you shouldn’t. You silly silly wabbit. Anyways its quite easy recover your joomla admin password if you”ve forget, but you will need access to the database.

The trick is to go into the table jos_users(using your favorite tool, i prefer phpMyadmin it works) find the admin user(thats the guy with username admin) and edit the actual password value. But you can just type in the password since joomla stores the password encrypted with an md5 encryption. So the solution get a md5 encrypter. You can use this one >

just type in your new password and you’ll an md5 encrypted password you can just pop into the password field for user admin in the database.

Or you can just set it to one of these known values.

semicolon => 77b7e24bb3642a4b9d3081d393785273
admin => 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3

and thats it. Good luck.

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