Reseting the mysql pointer


Sometimes you need access the mysql result set after you have already accessed it using or or whatever. The chances are if you try a mysql_fetch_anything()*[not a really method guys] the function will return a false cause it has reached the end of the result set. So how do you fix that? Easy. php has a function called , where $result is your result set, eg and $row_number is the row you would...

Dumping a Mysql Database


I’ve found that sometimes phpMyAdmin will time out will exporting or importing a database and just show a blank frame(the main frame). No thank you mam/sir. No thanks for playing, rather rude i must say. If you have access to a shell, thats ssh, you can dump a mysql file into the current directory my running the command below. Database Dump this will result in a file called filename.mysql...


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